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welcome to


the blog

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welcome to


the blog





January 5, 2019

2018 in Review….with Awards!

You guys.  This year was one for the books.  I could ramble about how grateful I am, and how I have the greatest clients in the WORLD (all true…), but I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.  Each and every one of you has touched my heart, fed my passion, and just plain made me smile.  I’m so incredibly blessed you picked me.  And as a fun twist, I’m doing silly superlatives for each wedding couple I had this year.  Think senior year of high school, but more fun.  Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into all the joy I got to capture this year.

Montana & Cory

Most Stylish Groom
Most Caring Bride

Kelsey & Nate

Most Likely to be Seen Drinking Bourbon
Most Likely Not to Be Taking Life Too Seriously

Chad & Jenna

Craziest Reception Award (in a FUN way!)
Most Tight Knit Family

Katie & Paul

Most Likely to Become Great Parents ASAP!!

Megan & Jim

Most Likely to be Seen Out on the Town

Abby & Ross

Most Obsessed with their Dog (you guys know it’s true…)
Best Wedding Flowers

Jill & Ryan

Best (Tear Jerking!!!) First Look
Most Classic Bridal Look

Carmen & Jonathan

Most Unique
Most Excited to Be Married

Everleigh Photography Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Kentucky Wedding Photographer Nationwide Conference Center WeddingEverleigh Photography Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Kentucky Wedding Photographer Nationwide Conference Center Wedding

Chelsea & Zach

Most Beautiful Backdrop
Best Dressed

Amanda & Steele

Most Swoon-worthy Ring Bearer

Morgan & Ryan

Best Venue/Decor
The Kindest

Brian & Kristen

Most Intelligent
Most Hilarious Families

Matt & Sarah

Most Organized Bride
Most Heartfelt/Sentimental

Kevin & Lizzy

Most Laid Back
Best to Have Around in a Crisis (both nurses!)

Donnie & Jill

Best Sports in Unforeseen Circumstances
Most Likely to be Seen Busting a Gut Together


Shandi & Patrick

Most Likely to Have a Romantic Comedy Made After Their Story
Most Thoughtful

Morgan & Adam

Most Unique Colors
Best Buddy Award

Eric & Elizabeth

Most Romantic

You guys all did it!  You did it YOUR way, and each one was so special and different.  One last award:  You all get: Most Likely to Become Old & Wrinkly Together.   And that’s the best award of all 😉


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